About Brock


I’m not going to sugarcoat it: selling your home can be stressful.

“What will my home sell for?”
“I’m in a time crunch – I need to move NOW!”
“What the heck is my agent doing to sell my home?”

The best antidote to these concerns? An agent who knows how how to get your home seen by the most possible QUALIFIED buyers – and can prove it week in and week out.

About that…

I’ve been an agent for a few years now – long enough to know the ins and outs of buying and selling – but your main advantage when selling with me is the exposure I will generate for your home. And exposure is everything.

See, before I entered real estate, I was an online marketing consultant – well versed in social media, Google, video and email marketing. Why this matters: 90% of buyers are online – and I know better than most how to reach them. I have a REAL strategy (not just posting on twitter), based on years of experience – and it works.

Expect a heckuva lot of likes, shares, listing views, showings and offers. The results are transparent and concrete – and to prove it I’ll show you what I’m doing to market your home in a weekly report.

And now that I’m under the Cliff Rego Team umbrella (the biggest and best umbrella in Waterloo-Wellington), you can expect this level of marketing AND a support infrastructure that allows me to focus more on you and your home.

That’s the level of depth I’ll get into here. If you want to know more about what I’ll do to sell your home, click here to set up a 30-minute chat. I’ll buy the coffee and scones – or whatever you like.Contact Me Today